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Dynamic white wines from Washington State

Columbia Valley Seal

An introduction to Washington

Our old-world connection

Washington is located at nearly the same latitude as some of the top French and Italian wine-growing regions. Vines have thrived here for nearly 150 years. Thanks to the long sunny days and cool nights, Washington's diurnal shift creates ideal temperatures for growing grapes.

A dynamic state

Jaine grapes are selected from sustainably grown vineyards in Washington State, a wine region unlike any other in the world. Here, miles of vines stretch across 19 diverse AVAs to produce a broad range of thriving white wine and rosé varietals.

Grown in the Columbia Valley

The Columbia Valley is home to 50,000 acres of vines within 19 distinct AVAs. Contrary to the reputation of the Pacific Northwest, the valley only gets six inches of rainfall a year—as much as the Gobi desert. Our long and consistent growing season produces complex, yet vibrant wines of world-class varietals ranging from Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc.

Vineyard at sunset

The Jaine vineyards

Jaine focuses on single vineyards across the Columbia Valley. Vines grown in Ancient Lakes, Royal Slope, White Bluffs, Wahluke Slope, and Radar Hill AVAs are deeply vibrant and expressive in nature.